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Available as extra clear or tinted tempered glass.

Brushed leather glass, with foot height adjustment.


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The DELTA club table has a stainless steel construction, protected with extra resistant coating, and tempered glass for the upper surface. Precisely made central details, at the junction of four triangular feet with pyramidal shapes, endow DELTA with a refined accent. The upper surface of the glass is transparent, not colored, in order to enable these details to be observed and admired. DELTA’s ingenious design is inspired by the aerodynamic, symmetrical triangles of Delta wings, embodying infinity, endurance and innovation through a minimalist geometric form and striking structure.

The strong and stable stainless steel structure is complemented with a sense of lightness coming from the minimal point of contact with the glass - available as extra clear or tinted tempered glass. It has brushed leather glass, with foot height adjustment and leveling implemented in a graceful and concealed way. DELTA is a stunning synergy of inspiration from the aeronautical industry, innovative design and the aesthetics of modern luxury, with the multi-functionality of being perfect for various and diverse contemporary living spaces, from lounge and business to home.

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OPTIONSSSSS [{"name":"Stainless Steel Finishes","position":1,"values":["Nautical Polish","Brushed"]},{"name":"Tempered Glass Finish \u0026 Color","position":2,"values":["Extra Clear","Sandblasted","Parsol® Grey","Parsol® Bronze","RAL 9003","RAL 9005"]}]


Nautical Polish / Extra Clear
Nautical Polish / Sandblasted
Nautical Polish / Parsol® Grey
Nautical Polish / Parsol® Bronze
Nautical Polish / RAL 9003
Nautical Polish / RAL 9005
Brushed / Extra Clear
Brushed / Sandblasted
Brushed / Parsol® Grey
Brushed / Parsol® Bronze
Brushed / RAL 9003
Brushed / RAL 9005