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Concealed adjustible height with double feet.

Quick assembly and disassembly of securely placed detachable glass top.

APOLLO Dining Table Extend

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Inspired by the Apollo 13 lunar module, this table establishes a powerful presence in modern open-space interiors, radiating elevated luxury, using only minimal architectural form and fine details. The APOLLO limited-edition geometrical dining table is made using superior grade materials and the highest standards of manufacturing technology, with exquisite, manually executed details. Seating up to 4 people, it is ideal for an exclusive diningambience. With its symmetrical form, composed of angularly arranged rectangular tubes that the weight to a minimum, while providing maximal structural stability, APOLLO embodies power and success. It is both dominant and adaptable, a centerpiece of modern luxury interiors. 

APOLLO is crafted using laser cutting, lathe turning and five axis CNC milling of stainless-steel parts, careful manual welding and grinding, superior quality polishing to nautical finish or brushed to preference. The stainless steel is coated with extra durable high gloss clear finish, and tempered glass is used for the tabletop. It allows for quick assembly and disassembly, since the glass top can be securely placed in position on the table structure by simply inserting the connecting elements into the eight protruding pillars. The legs have a concealed height adjustment system with double feet design. 

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OPTIONSSSSS [{"name":"Stainless Steel Grades \u0026 Finishes","position":1,"values":["Standard","Marine Grade","Nautical Polish","Brushed"]},{"name":"Tempered Glass Finish \u0026 Color","position":2,"values":["Extra Clear","Parsol® Grey","RAL 9003","Sandblasted","Parsol® Bronze","RAL 9005"]},{"name":"Glass Edge Options","position":3,"values":["Flat"]}]


Standard / Extra Clear / Flat
Standard / Parsol® Grey / Flat
Standard / RAL 9003 / Flat
Standard / Sandblasted / Flat
Standard / Parsol® Bronze / Flat
Standard / RAL 9005 / Flat
Marine Grade / Extra Clear / Flat
Marine Grade / Parsol® Grey / Flat
Marine Grade / RAL 9003 / Flat
Marine Grade / Sandblasted / Flat
Marine Grade / Parsol® Bronze / Flat
Marine Grade / RAL 9005 / Flat
Nautical Polish / Extra Clear / Flat
Nautical Polish / Parsol® Grey / Flat
Nautical Polish / RAL 9003 / Flat
Nautical Polish / Sandblasted / Flat
Nautical Polish / Parsol® Bronze / Flat
Nautical Polish / RAL 9005 / Flat
Brushed / Extra Clear / Flat
Brushed / Parsol® Grey / Flat
Brushed / RAL 9003 / Flat
Brushed / Sandblasted / Flat
Brushed / Parsol® Bronze / Flat
Brushed / RAL 9005 / Flat